Lodging & Dining

At 24 Outfitters, our lodging is specifically suited to the comfort of the outdoorsman.  The owner is 6'7" and 270 pounds and hates to go hunting and be uncomfortable at night (i.e., too soft of a bed, too short of a bed, room not cold enough, no air moving, and not enough background noise to drown out other noises).  The owner specifically wants good cold air-conditioned cabins and houses when it is hot (and vice versa when it is cold), as well as beds that make him look forward to the night's rest.  24 Outfitters spent considerable money purchasing new 39 x 80 bed mattresses, and the owner and some of his life-long friends built the bunk beds.  The cabin "below the hill" is more of a camp experience, with outdoor toilets, sinks and showers, where the houses are prior "farm houses" (one outside Winters and another outside Clyde) which have indoor showers, sinks and toilets and the houses have been refurbished and updated.  

On a typical dove hunting weekend, fajitas are prepared for Friday night, egg, cheese, bread and sausage casserole for breakfast on Saturday and Sunday, hotdogs and burgers for Saturday lunch, steak, potato and salad are catered or prepared for Saturday night (along with dove wraps if the hunters contribute dove to the kitty, and prepare the dove).  24 Outfitters is purchasing homemade pies (chocolate, coconut, peach and apple) from a local Winters' resident that are some of the best desserts made by human hands, and when coupled with Blue Bell ice cream (or homemade ice cream), along with a campfire, cigar, beverage and always truthful stories, are just the right touch before hitting the bed. 

When you finally retire from the day of bass fishing (medium size yellow magic, tequila sunrise worms, buzz bait), hunting, skeet shooting, shooting at the rifle range, college football, and good eating, you can retire to either the cabin and/or one of the houses, depending on what was prearranged.  We have ceiling fans and floor flans, not to add cool temperature, as that is taken care of via the A/C units, but to allow the noise you hear to be oscillating fans blowing air and not men blowing air.  Sheets, pillows and light blankets are provided, but if you get cold at night from air moving and/or cool temperature, bring your own heavier blanket.  The beds are excellent quality and intentionally a little on the firm side.

Our heated and cooled cabin can sleep up to 12 people, with two outside toilets, a sink and a shower.  The house outside Winters can sleep up to 18 people, with one indoor toilet, one outdoor toilet, two sinks and two indoor showers.  The house outside Clyde can sleep up to 15 people, with two indoor toilets, two sinks, and two indoor showers.