Dove Hunting and Guided Dove Hunts for Dallas, TX

Number of hunters:  45 people a weekend (12 in cabin outside Winters, 18 in house outside Winters, 15 in house outside Clyde), more people in RVs depending on demand:

  • $500 per hunter if in a house (33 people);
  • $450 per hunter if in cabin (12 people);
  • $450 per hunter in RVs (will bring in RVs, if needed); and
  • $100 off for kids 12 and under after first four weekends.

145 acres 5 miles north of Winters (60-acre field, 30-acre field, 15-acre field, 40-acre field).  Fields planted with some or all of the following:

  • Headed out winter wheat – 105 acres (60, 30 and 15-acre fields);
  • Dove mixture – 45 feet around (20 feet out from trees) on 60-acre field, as well as, portion of 110-acre field noted as 40-acre field above;
  • Dove mixture consists of: sorghum; browntop millet; german foxtail millet; and black oil sunflower; and
  • Wild sunflowers planted two years in a row in the 30-acre and 15-acre fields.

47 acres 10 miles south of Clyde (33-acre field and 14-acre field). Field planted with some or all of the following:

  • Volunteer winter wheat on all;
  • Wild sunflowers established for many years; and
  • Strips of milo / black oil sunflowers (will plant pending rain).

40 acres in Clyde (across the street from high school).  Field planted with black oil sunflowers and milo.

70 acres in Baird (close to feed store / grain operater).  Natural fly pattern from feed store / grain operator to water.

128 + - acres in Potosi (two or three fields of 40 to 60 acres each).  Fields planted with some or all of the following:

  • Strips of headed-out winter wheat; and
  • Wild sunflowers which have been established for years.

Other land through other outfitters, landowners if needed.

Goal: Hunt each field a max of 1 time a week and let the field rest for 6 days thereafter, unless we determine field can handle otherwise and field really hot that weekend.