About Us

24 Outfitters is a diversified hunting destination with the primary location near Winters, Texas.  24 Outfitters has cattle and farming operations, as well as hunting and fishing operations.  The equipment of 24 Outfitters is used in the cattle and farming operations.  The owner, Ryan Gardner, is a third generation landowner in West Texas, as well as a certified public accountant since 1992, and tax attorney since 2001.  The landscape of 24 Outfitters has been specifically cultivated for its natural aesthetic beauty, set among vast swaths of game-filled fields, cattle, horses, mesquite trees, campfires and tanks (aka ponds) stocked with bass.

Our goal in the hunting operations is to provide a unique and rewarding hunting, fishing, dining and lodging getaway for outdoor enthusiasts of all types.  Our staff is committed to delivering a variety of experiences that allow our guests to spend the maximum amount of time in the great outdoors enjoying whichever activities pique their interests.  The owner spent many years working in downtown Dallas and Houston, and knows firsthand of the "concrete jungle" and outdoorsmen's desires who live in that jungle including traveling down a dirtroad, hunting in open fields as the sun sets or rises, working with tractors, enjoying a campfire, smoking a cigar or tobacco pipe, good food, fishing, and hunting; relaxing and escaping sales quotas and/or billable hours, enjoying college football and good people as well as stepping back into a better life, although maybe only for a weekend. 

We’re happy to accommodate fishermen, September and October dove hunters, January duck hunters, Winter hog hunters, and Spring turkey hunters, from all around the world in our own little slice of God's creation.   Many people tell the owner they feel like they have escaped back in time twenty or so years and love the memories and hospitality provided by the people of 24 Outfitters.  Our isolated and secluded country grounds are the exact "concrete jungle" escape you’ve been dreaming of for a great hunt and fishing experience in and around approximately 50 miles of Abilene, Texas.