Fields are planted yearly for cattle grazing.  In addition, half of the property is pasture land with running creek water (pending rain) and a 7-acre tank that has had spring fed water at least 20 to 30 feet-deep in such tank for over 50 years.  We attempt to make sure the fences are strong and the food and water for the grazing operation is always plentiful.  Fence repair is always an ongoing battle with a running creek, but we are yearly repairing and revising fences.  Future goal is to pipe fence, with 5-foot cattle wire therein, the entire property.  Hopefully the pipe fence and cattle wire will limit the varmints (coyotes and pigs) that kill calves, prevent goat and sheep operations and destroy fields.

We own and operate machinery and equipment exclusively used for farming and ranching, as well as the building or maintaining of roads and water facilities.  To aid in water flow, that equipment is being used to aggressively attack yuccas, mesquite and cedar.  That attack seems at times like we are trying to push water upstream, but the owner of 24 Outfitters is determined to kill all (or most) yuccas and cedars and limit mesquite trees.  The owner also desires to have all mesquite tree limbs trimmed up 6-feet off the ground, which many believe will make the trees look like toothpicks.  The owner of 24 Outfitters believes his Granddad (BT) would be happy at the way he is attacking the land, but his Dad (RE) would think he needs to spend more time in the law office.

The cattle operation has been in existence on this property for well over 100 years.  The sheep operation was taken away approximately 30 years ago due to coyotes, which will hopefully be limited in the future.  Goat operations are currently not possible due to coyote problems.  As noted above, the owner of 24 Outfitters desires to pipe-fence the entire property with cattle wire therein (not for deer, but for cattle, sheep and goats), limiting the pig and coyote problems thereto. 

We attempt to provide excellent food and grazing, with year round water for our cattle grazing operations.  Even in the most severe droughts we have water, although the food might be extremely limited outside purchasing bales of hay.  The addition of grazing cattle to the natural landscape of 24 Outfitters helps create an idyllic and authentic view of the Texas outdoor experience, and we couldn’t be more proud of the animals on the farm.  Hopefully in the future, goats and sheep will be added to the landscape of 24 Outfitters.