TTHA, Rain and Booking

By Ryan Gardner
Tuesday, August 14, 2018


Ladies and gentlemen,

Houses completed:

We have completed (excluding the new Lopi fire insert, flooring in utility room, new hardiplank on all eaves / garage) the entire overhaul

(wire (partial), AC, plumbing, septic, painting, carpets, kitchen, bathroom, appliances etc) of my house in Winters (6 miles north of Winters).

The house in Denton Valley, Texas (604 and 36) is almost completely overhauled.

The cabin below the hill in Winters is ready to roll.

Other fun events:

The rifle range to 1,000 yards (100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 800 and 1000 (pending what you are shooting for low hanging electrical wire

for 800 / 1000)) is completed, and targets / table / bench are being made as I type.

The pistol range is almost complete.

The fishing should be the normal good “tank” fishing (top waters – yellow magic; buzz bait; and then going below and in moss with Berkley

power pack worms) for 1 pound to 4 pounds bass (occasionally something bigger).

Skeet knockout via skeet throwers.

I might have 6 or so bow targets for walking around and practicing with your bow (bow range).

The obvious will be happening – 42, dominos, Texas hold em, Big 12 and SEC football.


The dove fields are looking really good (after 2 inches (Winters) to 4 inches (Potosi) of rain) with birds thereto.

Some of the black oil sunflower / milo / millet did not get enough rain earlier this year and did not make,

but the winter wheat / wild sunflowers look very hot with large number of birds.

When I was getting out of my truck last Tuesday to lock up the cabin, I had hundreds of doves take off from the trees around the cabin.

We are getting some good dove reports out of Potosi.


The 610 acres in 13 fields are comprised of:

3 adjacent fields that total 100 acres in Winters (sunflowers and winter wheat);

5 fields that total 285 acres in Potosi (sunflowers and some winter wheat);

2 adjacent fields that total 90 acres between Potosi and Clyde (heavy in wild sunflowers - new fields just obtained);

1 field south of Clyde of 45 acres (heavy in wild sunflowers);

1 field on I20 in Clyde of 40 acres (milo and black oil sunflowers); and

1 field in Baird of 50 plus acres (water and close to feed store).

Several stock tanks if dry in September / October.

Texas Trophy Hunters Association:

I just finished 3 days in a booth F953 at Texas Trophy Hunters Association in Fort Worth.

The event lasted 22 hours consisting of Friday 3 to 8; Saturday 9 to 7 and Sunday 10 to 5.

I am guessing, but I believe I talked to between 300 to 500 hunters looking for dove hunting, and there was around 15,000 or more people visit the event.

I know I was on go and on my feet for about 98% of the entire event, normally with 3 or more people at the booth.

Not really sure what that means, other than a few more bookings currently, and a bunch of people saying we are coming with groups of ____ people.

What that means to you, is if you are wanting to go and have a weekend picked out, let me know as soon as possible.