May 2018 Report

By Ryan Gardner
Wednesday, May 09, 2018


Dove Hunters, we are now signing up hunters for dove season.  Our goal is to hunt each field one time a week (unless we determine a field can handle more) to allow each hunt on that field to be like opening weekend every time the field is hunted.  The one time a field is hunted a week is hopefully for a maximum 3 to 4 hours (if you shoot like me), then let the field rest for a week.  The owner of 24 Outfitters has been on many hunts where you have 80 people on 100 acre field, and then that field is hunted all day Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Thereafter, the dove on that "destroyed" field are about 0.5% of what they were the weekend thousands of birds were killed on such field.  The owner of 24 Outfitters wants to try to manage the birds and pressure thereto, all the time realizing a good cold front, a rain shower, or something else completely unknown to man, might cause all the birds to leave a field and/or area. Hopefully, if this occurs northern birds will enjoy the trees, food and water on the different locations to replace the birds that went south.  

I will be providing monthly updates to you up to the beginning of dove season, then hopefully weekly reports during dove season.  The fields are planted and with all planted crops, rain is always welcome.  If you want more information on the fields, see the "dove" tab.