Dove Hunting Around Abilene, Covid and Bring Your Fishing Poles

By Ryan Gardner
Monday, September 13, 2021


Ladies and Gentlemen,

Friends That Saved My Butt:

I have had John Hargis, John Joeris, Charlie Tobler and Craig Goodroe running the dove hunting in West Texas the last thirteen days as I was playing with Covid, then Covid pneumonia for 3 ½ weeks. As most of you know, Vickie Williams handles most, if not all, of the booking, returning calls, and internal work for this business. Needless to say, since I could not get my head off a pillow for 3 weeks, these people saved my butt.

Thank you:

     John Hargis,

     John Joeris,

     Charlie Tobler,

     Craig Goodroe, and

     Vickie Williams.

This entire operation would have shut down without your work. Thank you, again for covering for me as I played with Covid, then Covid pneumonia.

Now on whether the entire operation should shut down?

The dove hunting simply “STINKS” right now around Abilene.    We have black oil sunflower fields, wild sunflower fields, milo fields, maize fields, and hay grazer fields spread up to 70 miles around my farm.   Problem: NO (OR NOMINAL) BIRDS.  I am not remotely close to a biologist, but it could have been the fact that we lost thousands (or more) of local dove in the freeze in February and apparently, the dove have migrated to Lubbock and not further south.

Where to go right now for dove?

I am not in the business of sending business away, but I will tell you (as I have now told several people calling me) that Nathan Williams, West Texas Safaris Guide Service, 903-539-8389 is a good person and guide for Lubbock dove, duck and sandhill crane hunting. I believe Nathan had 250 dove killed in one morning hunt this past weekend (just shy of 20 hunters).   I am telling you right now, I don’t think we have had 250 dove killed this season.  I would love to tell you something different, but those are the facts.

When you hear from me come now, come all, then it will be hot and heavy around Abilene.  Right now, based on my friends above, discussion with three other outfitters, it is REALLY REALLY SLOW (AKA DEAD) DOVE HUNTING AROUND ABILENE.

Not trying to hurt my own operation, but I am telling you the dove appear to be in Lubbock and NOT AROUND ABILENE.

Hope this helps you.

Ryan Gardner