1/2 inch of rain and pigs going down

By Ryan Gardner
Monday, June 25, 2018


This past Saturday, JB and Pierce took out a few pigs on the ranch (THANK YOU).  Pictures of the 375 pound boar are in the duck and pig photos. 

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Certain people want to save and protect the pigs.  I think those people are absolutely nuts.  After having around 150 pigs trapped off our place this past December, I thought we were done with them for a little while.  Well, I was wrong.  I have approximately 50 or so pigs back on my creek (actually all over the property moving around for water).  Did you know 1 male and 1 female can have up to 3 litters of 10 (total of 30 pigs) a year.  Did you know a piglet will have a litter before it is 1 years old.  Do the math, assume 50 pigs and 1/2 are female.  25 females averaging 6 piglets 3 times a year results in 450 pigs in one year (25 x 6 x 3).  That math does not take into account the piglets having their first litter in year one.  Guess I need to call Lone Star Trapping (Wyatt Walton), or go ahead and purchase the Jager Pro MINE trapping system.  These animals are very destructive and require constant "attention".

Thank God for the rain.  I love it when God comes through, although man "says 0% chance of rain."  0.00% chance of rain on Saturday afternoon (6-23-18) in Winters, Texas.  1/2 inch of rain on Saturday afternoon (6-23-18) on my farm in Winters.  Guess God did not check in with the weatherman or weatherwoman to figure out the forecast.  Again, thank you God for the rain.  

Booking dove hunts for September / October right now.  Currently have room for groups up to 24 on my farm 5 miles north of Winters and have another place 15 miles outside of Clyde that will accommodate 20 people.  We will be hunting the same fields (see dove tab).  

New septic, 5 new AC window units (3500 sq feet coverage area, house is 1600 sq feet), 24 new beds, 4 isolating fans in cabin, 8 isolating fans in house, new ceilng fans, new TV / satellite, repainted inside of house, cleaned house, new toilet, new blinds, and new microwaves (not to mention fields with some or all of the following: milo, millet, black oil sunflowers, headed out winter wheat, wild sunflowers).  Again, thank you God for the rain.

Ryan Gardner