Spring Turkey Hunts

Number of hunters.  Hunting early rut and late rut, and limiting the hunts to 4 people a weekend to maintain quality hunts.  Hunts include:

  • $1,000 per hunter for a Tom, $500 extra for extra legal bird;
  • Hunt Friday afternoon, Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning;
  • Hunting right at 400 acres in Winters;
  • Currently working with other landowners for additional land and capacity (potentially 9,000 acres);
  • If additional landowners/capacity, more people will be allowed per weekend;
  • Fields with winter wheat, dove mixture and spring quail and turkey mixture from Turner Seed.  Turkey mixture consists of buckweat, hegari, sorghum, browntop millet, German foxtail millet, proso millet, hybrid pearl millet, okra, sorghum almum, essex rape and hookers plantain; and
  • Feeding corn and milo all year long in feeders.