Duck / Pig Hunts

Number of hunters.  To maintain quality duck hunts, we are initially limiting the number of duck hunters to 4 people a weekend.

  • $1,000 per hunter;
  • Hunt Friday morning, Friday afternoon, Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning;
  • Hunting 7-acre pond and possibly other ponds on other landowners;
  • Hunting old Lake Winters (about 2 to 4 feet deep across entire lake);
  • Hunting flooded fields with waterfowl mixture thereto;
  • If desired, duck hunters can also hunt pigs;
  • Goal is to build 5 more tanks (aka ponds), 1 to 2 acres each and 3-feet deep with plots thereto;
  • For plots thereto see waterfowl mixture from Turner Seed which consists of Japanese millet, browntop millet, bengal rice, buckwheat, sorghum, smartweed, barnyard grass; and
  • When land further developed, or additional land under lease, more people will be allowed each weekend.