Duck Hunts, Texas

24 Outfitters located West of Fort Worth offers guided duck hunts. We are available all legal hunting weekends in Texas and might be exactly what you need to relieve stress. Do you have a group of men at church or work who need to escape the city life? Are you in charge of planning your best friend's bachelor party before his big day? We offer a variety of hunting packages and some awesome cabins and other lodging options. Contact 24 Outfitters today to schedule your duck hunting trip today! Limited spots are available for duck and turkey hunting.

Number of duck hunters.  To maintain quality duck hunts, we are initially limiting the number of duck hunters to 4 people a weekend.

  • $1,000 per hunter, limit 4 hunters per weekend for duck and turkey
  • Duck hunts begin Friday morning and continue Friday afternoon, Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning
  • Duck hunts take place on a sweet 7-acre pond 
  • Duck hunting old Lake Winters (about 2 to 4 feet deep across entire lake)
  • Duck hunts also take place in flooded fields on our 400 acre property and have a waterfowl mixture 
  • Goal is to build 5 more ponds that are 1 to 2 acres each and 3 feet deep with plots thereto
  • For plots thereto see waterfowl mixture from Turner Seed which consists of Japanese millet, browntop millet, bengal rice, buckwheat, sorghum, smartweed, barnyard grass; and
  • When land further developed, or additional land under lease, more people will be allowed each weekend.